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Election Worker Information & FAQs

Why not consider becoming an Election Worker?


What is an Election Worker?

An Election Worker is a community-minded person just like you who wishes to be part of the election process. Election Workers ensure that the election process is administered fairly, efficiently, and according to Florida Statutes and Federal Laws. Being an Election Worker is a very important part of the election process and each worker must understand and follow the election laws.

Who can be an Election Worker?

Any registered voter in Clay County may apply to be considered for a position. If interested, please complete an application and watch the Orientation video. A downloadable Election Worker Orientation Manual is available here. For additional information, please call the Elections Office at (904) 269-6350.

What are Election Worker’s Requirements?

·         Be a registered voter in Clay County

·         Be available to work where needed

·         Be able to speak, read, and write English

·         Be able to work a 14+ hour day

·         Have transportation

·         Complete all training prior to each election

·         Demonstrate a working knowledge of election laws and procedures

·         Enjoy working with the public

·         Remain nonpartisan while working at the polls

·         Abide by No Smoking policy

·         Be reliable and dedicated to the voting process

·         Treat everyone with dignity and respect

·          Have an email and internet access

Election Workers must be able to lift 35 lbs. with assistance and be prepared to sit and/or stand for extended periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the steps in becoming an Election Worker?

What are the different Election Worker positions?

Do I get paid for being an Election Worker?

What are the hours of work?

What happens after I've attended an orientation session?

What training is provided?

How will I know if I'm assigned to work and when to attend training?

If I've applied previously as an Election Worker, should I apply again?

Will Election Workers be assigned to the precinct where they live?

If I'm an Election Worker, how do I vote?

What are the steps in becoming an Election Worker?

First, you must be a registered voter in Clay County. Second, complete the Election Worker Application. Third, watch the Orientation video.

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What are the different Election Worker positions? 

Clerk- An experienced Election Worker who is in charge of the precinct on Election Day. Picks up and returns required items from and to the Elections Office. Completes and maintains all paperwork for the precinct. Must be comfortable using a computer-based poll register and must enjoy interacting with the public.

Assistant Clerk- Assists the Clerk with the efficient operation of the precinct and is trained to operate the ADA voting unit. Other duties include set-up/breakdown of equipment and assisting voters as necessary. Must be comfortable using a computer-based poll register and must enjoy interacting with the public.

Tabulator- Trained to operate the Optical Scan DS200 Voting Machine and instruct voters on proper ballot insertion. Assists with set-up/breakdown of equipment and is responsible for modeming election results. 

EViD Inspector- Greets voters, checks the photo & signature ID of each voter, verifies the voter information on the Electronic Voter Identification Unit (EViD), and issues the voter a ballot. Also assists with set-up/breakdown of equipment. Must be comfortable using a computer-based poll register.

Deputy- Maintains order at the precinct. Background checks are required and performed by the Sheriff’s Office on all potential deputies. Duties include placing the required signs outside, marking the no solicitation zone, and assisting with set-up/breakdown of the equipment. Poll Deputy duties are mainly outside the entrance to the polling place.

Alternate / Stand-by- An alternate worker is available to replace an Election Worker who may become ill or face an emergency that prevents them from working on Election Day. It is necessary to have trained workers available for each position in addition to the precinct staff. Most alternate workers are assigned prior to Election Day.

Note: All positions require sitting and/or standing for long periods of time. All Election Workers must be able to lift up to 35 lbs. with assistance.

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Yes, you are paid to work! Election Workers are paid a combined payment for attending all required training and working on Election Day. The pay rate varies from $195 to $250, depending on the assigned position. Alternate/Stand-by positions are paid $50 if they are not called upon to fill a vacancy by Election Day.

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What are the hours of work?

Election Day hours are from 6 AM to approximately 8 PM. The polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM. All Election Workers must be at their assigned polling place by 6 AM on Election Day. The day ends when the last voter has been processed and completed voting, and all materials have been packed away. By law, Election Workers are not permitted to leave their assigned precinct on Election Day except in an emergency. A typical day is approximately 14 hours.

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What happens after I have attended an orientation session?

After you have successfully completed the orientation session, your name will be placed on our active list of Election Workers. Prior to the next election we will contact you and, if you are available to work on Election Day and attend a mandatory training class, we may assign you to work at a precinct. If you have additional questions, please call (904) 269-6350.

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What training is provided?

Election Workers attend four to six hours of mandatory training prior to each election. Training classes take place at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Green Cove Springs. 

Note: Internet access is required for some training.

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How will I know if I am assigned to work and when to attend training?

If you are assigned to a position, we will notify you of your work assignment via email and provide a list of available training classes.  

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If I have applied previously as an Election Worker, should I apply again?

As long as you are an active Election Worker, you do not need to apply again. If you have worked the polls on Election Day in the past, your record will remain active and may be recalled for another assignment. If you want to make sure, you may call our office at (904) 269-6350.

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Will Election Workers be assigned to the precinct where they live?

Election Workers may be assigned to their home precincts, but assignments are made based on the needs of the precinct.

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If I am an Election Worker, how do I vote?

You may either Vote by Mail or vote at one of the Early Voting sites. You may request a mail ballot by calling our office or visiting our website.

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