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Local Links

These links are provided to Clay County Voter’s as a service and for informational purposes only. The material presented through these links is the independent product of these organizations without any sponsorship or endorsement by the Clay County Supervisor of Elections.

Comments, suggestions, or questions regarding the information obtained through these links should be directed to the originating organization and not to the Supervisor of Elections.


Other Links




The White House            

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

Federal Elections Commission

The Federal Voting Assistance Program [FVAP]

Project Vote Smart

Rock the Vote

Division of Elections

Governor and Cabinet

Online Sunshine/Florida State Legislature

Registered Political Parties in Florida

Florida Elections Commission

League of Women Voters of Florida

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Florida Government in the Sunshine Manual

Duval Co. Supervisor of Elections            

St. Johns Co. Supervisor of Elections

Nassau Co. Supervisor of Elections

Putnam Co. Supervisor of Elections

Bradford Co. Supervisor of Elections

League of Women Voters Jacksonville/First Coast


Kids Links 


Treasury U.S. Treasury
Tours & Treasures, History, About Savings Bonds, Know Your Money, Bond Calculator, Dog of the Month, Bond Wizard

Florida Florida State Senate for Kids
About Your Legislature, Capital History, Capital Tour, State Symbols, Fun Facts, and More

Smithsonian The Smithsonian
National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of History, National Air and Space Museum, Resources and Tours, Events and Activities

Florida Seal Department of State- Kids' Page
Florida Government, Facts, Symbols, Folklife, Shipwrecks, and Museums

Social Security Administration
Explanation of Social Security, Social Security and Work, Saving Money through stories

Department of Justice
Getting involved with crime prevention, Inside the courtroom, Internet Do's and Dont's

Florida Department of Agriculture's Kids' Page
Florida Forests Forever, Planet Ag: Science Fair Projects, Play Fresh Friends, Five-A-Day: Kids Eat Right, Tips on Hurricane Preparedness, Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Fairs and Livestock Exhibitions, Florida State Fair, Agri-literacy.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
These pages explain the process for Federal Officials.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kid's Page
This website offers children a chance to play games, solve problems and riddles, and various other fun things.

United States Environmental Protection Agency- Explorer's Club
This site allows children to learn about the environment and ways to keep it safe for the future.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Welcome for Kids
NASA offers a site geared towards the education of children interested in the space program

Kids Voting USA
This website provides children a chance to vote online.